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The Home Game: FIRE!

Homeownership is a lot like being in charge of your very own spaceship. From the moment you cross that threshold, you kick off a relationship reminiscent of Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon.

When we first moved in, the fireplace had been cleaned out by the previous owner, leaving us with a empty hole in the wall. Rusted metal mesh covered the opening, making for an uninviting atmosphere. While we weren't fans of the appearance, it was also the middle of summer. So, as is the case in a spaceship, the non-critical things get ignored.

Hello Fireplace...

Three months in we decided it was time to start looking at what we could do to bring the place around to look a little more welcoming. The eye sore in the living room quickly climbed to the top of the list. With fall just around the corner I knew I wanted to be able to have a warm fire in our home. I went to work researching my options and it didn't take long to decide on some gas logs.

The next step was finding doors. A quick search on Google revealed the fireplace we now owned was built by a manufacturer that had been bought out in 2003. I chased down the company that had purchased them and eventually found the replacement part number for a glass door. I had to find the parts on Ebay, but sure enough there was someone selling fireplace doors and I was able to get what I needed.

Now we're looking good!
Remote controlled and ready to go, this fireplace instantly brought a little extra life to our living room. When the weather cooled and we were ready to put up the Christmas tree for December, we were both very glad we decided to get the fire up and running!

Home for the Holidays!

There are plenty of other things happening aboard this ol' spaceship we call home. There is no greater adventure than tackling these projects together. Every day this place feels a little more like home. 

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