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Cold Feet and Writing

I've been staring at the same page of my editing software for about a solid week now. I'm dangerously close to having my novel ready to publish, but the closer I am to reaching my goal, the slower I have become at progressing ever onward.

In other areas of my fun times, however, I've been most productive...
So much Master Chief!

My friend and I recently finished playing through all four Halo games on the Xbox One. We wanted to refresh ourselves on the story before Halo 5 arrives next week and what better way to get that refresher than from the source?

On Legendary.

We literally played about 20 hours of Halo this weekend. In that time we finished up Halo 2 and blew through Halo 3 and Halo 4.

I forgot how gripping the Cortana storyline was in Halo 4.

We also enjoyed punching, shooting, exploding, and lasing our way through nostalgia lane on our way to save Earth.

If that's not enough, well I haven't stopped there. I've managed to read Soulminder by Timothy Zahn and I'm currently rushing through A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. I would have no problem recommending either one of them to potential readers. Like any good Star Wars fan, I found both of these authors after they wrote their own pieces of fiction for the Star Wars universe. I'm thankful that they did.

In fact, I'm realizing now that I get a lot of great reading done in the vacuum that opens up once I've finished writing a story's final draft. It's like I've run my imagination for a long time and now I can let it rest for a while. Turning to the works of other authors lets me take a break and recharge for that next writing project.

I'm focusing my energy over the next several days to getting more of my XML conversions out of the way. I'm very close to have the release candidate version of my first novel in (what I hope to be) a series titled The Skies of Rakuen. I know once it is said and done that I'll be happy to finally publish the kickoff of this endeavor.

Of course, that means I have to keep myself focused and... well...

Oh... and...

Did I mention...

So fingers crossed. I'll be trying my best!

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