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Labor Day Weekend Extravaganza!

This past weekend marked our third year of attending Dragon Con! It was a wonderful experience that involved attending a panel with Felicia Day, getting a little time with the game designer responsible for X-Wing, learning a little more about Mass Effect's lore, and of course, lots and lots of costumes!!!

There were plenty of people clogging the streets of downtown Atlanta, but the masses were somehow less overwhelming than last year, which was a very positive experience for us.

The vendor hall moved to a building a little further away, which offered up a lot of space and a clean organization that made it easier to move around. The temperatures were just right in the vendor hall too, as it was not too hot in the thick of it with tons of people all around me.

Despite the traffic jams it still felt like we could move and breath. That was critical. Last year it felt like we could barely move a muscle without bumping into someone or practically hugging the person next to us.

We had two guests joining us this year and the Labor Day fun extended beyond the convention. As many Star Wars fans know, the "Force Friday" midnight event was Friday so our energetic group decided to give it a go so that I could grab the new X-Wing Miniatures core set that has been redesigned for the new Episode 7 look and feel. We didn't get one. The first ten people in the line of hundreds grabbed them right up. It was a bummer.

The next morning we stopped at a Target that didn't open at midnight. There they were! We grabbed a box and headed to the Con!

Back home that evening, I got excited and quickly pulled a worthy opponent to face me in my new T-70 X-Wing. The new ship flies like a dream! I was executing the new roll maneuver ever chance I got and navigation felt very different from the usual slow wide turns that we make in the game.

The new missions are fun to play as well. They revamped the old Senator's shuttle mission and now you're getting your shipmate to freedom. By making the resistance player move their ship to the edge of the board, I can't immediately throw out my "Protect" actions, which gave my opponent a good chance to blast my token to pieces.

But that's not all!

Not even close.

By the time Labor Day rolled around it was off to Ikea!!!

I don't know if I've ever "talked" about this before, but I'm not one for keeping my surroundings the same for long periods of time. The room starts to feel stale. That being said, I've had the same desk for about 3 years now; nothing fancy, just a corner desk from Office Depot. So it was time for a change.

We're currently working to de-clutter our apartment somewhat. We've talked about how to make it happen for over a month, but now was the time to act. We got me a new desk and converted our sun room into a small "computer office" where both our computers fit together in one area. This opens up our main dining area for a potential dinner table! We're pumped about that!

A busy day, then it was back to work on Tuesday with a business trip to North Carolina.

This was a Labor Day weekend that will be long remembered.

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