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Just Say "NO" to Bad Customer Service

How did this Happen?

It seemed like such a wonderful chance to be best of friends. Amanda and I wanted internet and Comcast loves money. What could possibly go wrong?

Every. Single. Thing.

We signed up for "Double Play" - They billed us for DVR.
We got rid of "Double Play" and kept "Blast 50Mbps Internet" - They switched us to "Economy 1Mbps Internet".
We got it switched back to "Blast" - They changed a filter that crippled our internet to with constant signal drops.
We call Comcast for service - They threaten us with service charges.
Technician comes out and says there is a problem to fix - phone call says service is fixed but SURPRISE! It. Never. Gets. Fixed.
We call Comcast again and customer support promises someone will call by 4 - They. Never. Call.

***At this point I call AT&T willingly to pay more for lower speeds. Even if it is slower and costs more I can rest easy knowing my money doesn't go to fund the horrors of Comcast.***

The Solution

AT&T gave us a good deal. They showed up right in the window they promised, made sure the internet was up and running properly, and even gave us a phone number that we could call to get direct access to a Technician if we had any problems.

I streamed a video from my bed on my Nexus without any lag or buffering. We both played hours of World of Warcraft without any hangups or disconnects.

The performance has been a GREAT improvement over the mess labeled above. When I logged into my account I got to see how much my bill would cost based on my service charge and the promotion that was applied. It's fantastic, easy to navigate, and frankly one of the best GUIs that I've had with many of my utility providers.

Look, I'm not out to kill Comcast or say they're evil incarnate (thought the debate can be made). All I want to see from big companies like that (they posted $1.99 Billion last year) is an effort on their part to invest a little bit of their mad profits on infrastructure and customer support. AT&T is a massive company and they're churning out crazy money too. They actually lost profits this year despite increased revenue, but their loss comes with good news. Their customer satisfaction is topping the competition as they spend more money and time on making sure that their customers are happy. The result?

"J.D. Power correlated AT&T's three consecutive top rankings in customer satisfaction with how few customers leave AT&T for another service provider, a phenomenon called churn in the industry. AT&T had its lowest churn rate ever in the latest quarter." - Matt Hamblen
My generation (me included) has fallen into a nasty habit of putting up with bad service because it's either what we know or we just don't want to put up with the effort of switching to something else. If we change that mentality we can help shape the way that even the largest of companies spends their money. If AT&T can change their customer satisfaction ratings, then so can Comcast, but they won't do it if they don't have a reason.

From today onward, I'm one of those reasons.

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