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Running a Dungeon in WoW
The top three phrases heard while playing World of Warcraft dungeons or raids with Amanda (that's me):

"What is happening?!"

"I don't know what I'm doing!"

"Oh, are we killing that guy?"

It's a good thing that I'm part of the majority group when we run dungeons, or else I suspect I would have been kicked a few times by now. Not that I'm a bad player. I just get lost. But once I've found the mob I'm supposed to be killing, my retribution paladin has an awesome rotation. There are even little pauses in there so I can heal myself (or do nothing, but healing is definitely better than nothing).

I've toyed a few times with the idea of developing my second specialization as either a holy or protection paladin, but that may be too many things for me to keep track of at once.

For now, I am working on my (very long-term) plan to earn the Achievement "Mountacular," which awards the gorgeous Felfire Hawk. To do that, I need to learn 250 mounts. I currently have 8.

Also, I decided I need the Sapphire Panther and all of its color variations. Last night I dropped my level 700 mining in order to pick up the Jewelcrafting Profession. That junk is expensive. I followed a leveling guide for a while, then realized that it could be cost efficient just to use the Draenor leveling -- I can buy the blackrock / true iron ore for about a gold each. Sixty of those gets me a ring, giving me 5 levels. So 12 g/level.

But. Each ring can be disenchanted at my enchanting hut to provide ~6 draenic dust. It takes about 25 draenic dust to craft the 10 fractured temporal crystals needed to make a temporal crystal. So let's say 5 rings = one temporal crystal. Each temporal crystal sells for 425 gold on the auction house, meaning I get about 85 g/ring, and it only took 60 g to make. Thus, I'm actually earning 5 g/level rather than spending 12 g/level. So unless I made a mistake somewhere in my dimensional analysis, I should be making money to level rather than spending it. Or, depending on how much the ore costs, breaking pretty even.

I realized this after spending a couple thousand gold on the auction house to level using the guide.

Anyway, the Jewelcrafting is only going to get me a handful of mounts (and they are going to cost a fortune), so I've got to come up with some other ways.

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