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All the WoW Things!

One of the greatest things (and most horrible things) about playing a ten-year old game is the shocking amount of content that is available for me to play.

As someone that suffers from an incredibly short attention span it can be a difficult task logging into WoW to accomplish some kind of goal.

Just last night I wanted to get my tailoring up... but then I saw the holiday achievements were available I think I spent an hour or two on that easily.

Oh, and wasn't I working on fishing?

Is my gear score high enough?

What levels are my battle pets?

Am I Loremaster yet?

Playing the World of Warcraft feels like a major time sink sometimes. I don't think it's the game's fault, of course, this stuff is readily available for me to do whenever I want (except the holiday stuff) and it's really on me to decide when and how I want to play it.

Of course, life dictates that I only get to play it on weekends or late evenings, after I've spent my day working in the office. By then, the sun has gone down and I've got a few hours to really sit and enjoy myself before it's off to bed to repeat the cycle.

That in itself wouldn't be so bad. There is then another few layers that keeps getting in the way. Food, health, chores, etc. All these things add up and reduce the amount of time I can spend playing silly games in my day.

Now, this all sounds very complaint-like, but I assure you I couldn't be happier.

When a game takes my attention and holds onto it so fully, I feel like I'm really invested in what I'm doing. In the same way someone that likes working on old cars can spend their evenings under the hood, so too do I spend my energy flying around the fictional world of Azeroth.

I also know very well, that once the holiday month has passed, I will be joining up with new projects and new tasking at work. This means I'll be more engaged and probably less available to sit at my computer when I get back home. The time to be fully immersed in something like WoW is now.

So did I spend two hours making bolts of cloth to craft so that I could become a master tailor in a game last night? Yes.

Did I have a blast? Yes.

Do I want to go home and do it again? Yes.

The real question is... how can I make laundry at home this engaging?

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